Why Instagram Is Good for Marketing

If you aren’t on Instagram, then you are missing out on marketing opportunities. Since Instagram was created, this social media network has proved to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. If you are looking to expand the visibility and presence of your business, Instagram is your answer.

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If you are still skeptical about marketing, the following points can make you change your mind.


  1. Instagram Offers a Wide Marketing Base


TechCrunch’s current figures show that Instagram has over one billion subscribers, with more than half of them being active on the platform daily. This is a big market that no serious business can ignore. In fact, Instagram is among the most popular social networks globally.


Thirty-four percent of Instagram users are millennials, while 38percent of the users keep checking the site several times a day. All this means that you expose your business to many people that you can’t manage with many other marketing methods just by using Instagram.


  1. Instagram Support All Sizes of Businesses


Whether you are having a new business or a big corporation, you can enjoy this site’s benefits. Remember that even the leading companies started from somewhere. When you are organized and have an active social media marketing team, you can start small, but you’ll have a big following with time.


All you need to do is to ensure your team posts at least one item per day. This is how big corporations like Adidas and Coca-Cola, and many other startups have used Instagram to grow. With Instagram, you’ll only be limited by your creativity and dedication.



  1. Visual Content Boosts Marketing Strategy


Visual content is more engaging than text content. Research shows that visual content attracts 650 percent more engagement than posts that contain text only. It means that Instagram can give you the best opportunity to interact and engage with your potential clients and keep them hooked to your profile.


Using images that resonate with your clients’ needs and appeals to their emotions, your brand will get etched into their minds, and you’ll be able to drag them to view your other marketing channels such as email newsletters and website blogs.



  1. You Can Make Money on Instagram


This is perhaps the most crucial feature that can boost the growth of small businesses. Instagram now allows users to make money through product placement. With Shoppable posts, a new feature on Instagram, you can post photos then add tags to the items on the images, accompanied by links with price, description, and a “shop now” feature that leads the buyer to your website (online store).


This feature makes Instagram more or less like an extension of your online shop because it helps you attract sales. Research shows that over 70 percent of Instagram users have purchased products through this site. This is quite encouraging. All you need to do is take high-quality photos of your products and post them on Instagram with the necessary tags. You can as well come up with infographics to market your services and lead readers to your website through the links.



  1. Instagram Stories Make Your Business Look Authentic


Through your Instagram posts and engagements, potential clients can find it easy to relate with you. When those who visit your profile see that you are always active on Instagram, providing them with useful tips, and are responding to their concerns, they will be convinced that your company exists and can solve their problems.


The best way to do this is to write posts about your company, including its services, prices, and how you can be reached. You can also talk about promotions and discounts, plus any other thing that can help build trust between potential clients and your company.


You can also post images/videos of your employees explaining their qualifications and their positions in your company. This will help build trust, credibility, and rapport with your followers. Better still, you can create some process videos to show how you make your products. This is the best way to show your potential buyers that you are sincere in your operations.


Furthermore, you can also come up with Q&A sessions where you respond to your clients’ questions in real-time. Doing so will help to prove that you are an authority in whatever you are doing.



You can benefit more from Instagram content by doing the following


  • Using large text: Large text grabs the attention of readers easily compared to small text. However, you need not make them too big.


  • Being concise: Many Instagram users don’t have time to read long stories. So, make your stories short but concise.


  • Avoiding over designing: The images you use in your advert should blend harmoniously with the text. You can hire a graphic designer for this job.



  1. Partnering with influencers


When you consistently post informative content on social media, you’ll automatically get regular and faithful viewers. Once you have a considerable following, influencers will notice you.


If you can hook a few trusted and reliable influencers, they’ll take your marketing campaign to a higher pedestal. This will ensure your services or products reach some demographics that you couldn’t get by working alone.


Popular influencers can spread your brand message faster and effectively, making it reach millions of people by just a few posts. This will enable you to earn an astronomical return on investment. For example, if you get an influencer from a TV station, your brand message can even reach people who aren’t active on social media.



  1. Instagram Makes it Easy to Reach Target Audience


An effective marketing campaign must target particular demographics. Instagram can help you achieve this. But how? If you’ve used Facebook for advertising, you understand how powerful social media sites can help you reach a target audience.


Some Instagram features that can help you reach your target audience include:


  • Demographics: Instagram can help you target a particular gender or people who use a specific language


  • Location: The location feature doesn’t matter much, since whatever you post will be available to the public.


  • Behavior: Instagram allows you to define your audience based on their actions on social media.


  • Interests: You can base your marketing on what your target audience follows on social media. You can also use targeted ads depending on what apps they’ve installed and their clicks.



  1. Use of Hashtags


Maybe you didn’t know, but hashtags are among the powerful marketing tools offered by Instagram and other social media sites. They can make your business to be more visible and separate from the crowd. Hashtags summarize what posts are about.


Hashtags make it easy for your posts to be found. For example, by searching for the hashtag #ShareaCoke online, you’ll know a lot about the Coca-Cola company. Using hashtags requires some creativity, so you should work with someone experienced in social media marketing, especially on hashtags.



  1. Monitoring Your Competitors


Instagram can help you monitor your competitors and observe what they are doing differently to make them succeed. This way, you’ll be learning from them secretly without their knowledge. Check what they are posting, how they are dealing with their clients’ questions, design their posters, create their videos, what type of content they are posting, etc. All these are important for your business, especially if you are still new.

All in all, Instagram has become part and parcel of marketing such that you can only ignore it at your peril. If you can’t manage your company’s Instagram page on your own, you can employ an expert to manage it for you.